Every Small & medium Entrepreneur who are into Manufacturing Business are entitled for availing Subsidy from Government of India , However, Many Industrialist fail to avail the subsidy benefits, so Amplus subsidy solutions is one stop solution for everything related to subsidy Application work.

Our Services include:-
  1. Provide the intact information as per the updated Government Policy, Act &Procedures
  2. Processing and Documentation as per Government Norms.
  3. Submission of application.
  4. Processing and obtaining assurance/sanction
  5. Complete the work and obtain fund Disbursement.
  6. This Procedure needs some liasioning work with Government Departments, where Amplus subsidy solutions helps customer to get the work done.


Schemes under which we work

Central Government Subsidy (CLCSS, MOFPI, RR-TUF’S)


Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS). As decided in the 5th meeting of the Government and technology approval Board (GTAB) of the CLCSS held on February 17, 2006 .

This scheme provides benefit of 15% capital subsidy for all manufacturing industries with maximum up to Rupees 15 lakhs.


Ministry of food processing Industries (MOFPI). This scheme is governed under National Mission of food processing (NMFP) by every state.

All the food manufacturing and food processing units can avail the benefits of 25% & 35% Capital subsidy with maximum up to Rupees 50 Lakhs and 5 crore respectively.


Revised Restructured Technological Up-gradation fund scheme.

This scheme is for all the textile and technical textile manufacturing industries.

All the textile related manufacturing industries can avail benefits of 5% to 10% interest subsidy as well as 10% to 30% capital subsidy.

SSI/MSI/LSI registration

We are well conversant with SSI/ MSI/ LSI registration. If you are seeking relevant, meaningful information and guidance in this regard, you cannot afford to give a miss to our consultancy service.